“KRUTIAL” is an American Hip-Hop Recording Artist from of Nashville,TN. Nashville is his hometown as he is native to the city. Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States which is the Music City Capitol of the country, more commonly known as Music City. Krutial is very versatile as he fit into any genre with his rap style. He is a true Lyricist as his brutal lyrical abilities make him a force to be reckoned with in Music City, as well as the rest of the World. 

     Krutial first started his love for music as a snare drum player at a very young age in the 5th grade. When Krutial graduated from high school, he discovered his talent as a musician and started developing and exercising his talent. Krutial started performing live around his city at local venues and events which sharpened his skills even more. Krutial later on team up with Maurico and TrakmakasEnt. Who then started to produce Krutial. 

     Krutial later left TrakmakasEnt. But still maintains good relations with the company as he ventured out as a Solo Artist to build his “KRUTIAL” Brand. Krutial dropped his Debut Mixtape Titled “Birth Of A Legend” In 2015. His project has transformed into a Major Success. Krutial has gone from 200 followers to over 30,000 Thousand followers in less than 2 years! Krutial has also been interview by Cara Parrish from CrowdFire which is a marketing company that has Millions of subscribers worldwide in season 2 of Crowdfire Success Stories due to his major success. He is most certainly living up to every word he speaks on “Birth Of A Legend” because he has proven that he is nothing less than “Legendary”.